Monday, February 18, 2008

Don’t be Alarmed. It is I, Prince Vulture…

Now that Reuben’s play is over (and by the way he was wonderful), we can now begin to focus on our wedding. Only 200 more days left… oh I just can’t wait.

Let me tell you a bit about the play…CAST presents ‘The Blind Princess’

CAST presents “The Blind Princess,” a tale of music, magic and love that leads the audience on a journey into China during the late Han Dynasty, a time when powerful and land-hungry emperors ruled for 400 years. The blind princess, Mei-Lei (Devyn Holyoak), her father, good Emperor Ming (Doug Miller), and loyal chamberlain Sun-Sen (Kory Harding), are about to test the ancient system that holds them together by confronting a warring empire. The aptly named evil Emperor Scorpion (Cosmos Worth) and his confused son, Vulture (Reuben Betts) have a clever plan to take over the Ming Empire. In the end, there will be a new emperor, but who will it be?

It has been great that Reuben did the play. It not only has boosted his confidence in his singing and acting, it seems to have made him well known in Hood River. I wish you all could have seen him perform. He was just magnificent. There were so many people complimenting him on his talents. The Community Center wants him to stay involved and do more of the upcoming plays. I sure hope he continues his acting. It brings me joy watching him have so much fun. Thank you for those of you that could make it out. Reuben really appreciated all of your support. For those of you who did not see it, don’t despair, there will be a DVD of it out soon.

It seems that there are so many connections in that small community. Just people associated with the play, we have connections that will help with the wedding. Scorpion (Reuben’s evil father in the play), his Lady friend is an Officiate. We are going to set up a time soon to meet with her. Also, as it turned out, Reuben was asked by one of the mothers of the girls in the play to mentor her daughter in acting. As the conversations went back and forth between them on when Reuben could help, he realized the last name of the girl and her mom was the same as the head chef that is doing our catering at the reception. It turns out to be a great connection. I just love that community; I can’t wait to call it home.

Now, let’s see… Where to begin to start on that wedding checklist…