Monday, July 26, 2010

Joyful July

We have been very busy this July. So much family and friends!

Reuben's sister and her family came in town for the 4th of July. We also had my aunt and cousin and family here too so it was a very large 4th of July gathering. So nice to be with everyone on the farm.

Reuben and I went to the Broadway production of the Lion King in Portland. It was very cool to see all the costumes they made for the show.

Then, my brother Logan and Ali along with her two girls came to stay for a night at our place on their way out on a trip to Alaska. It was so wonderful to spend some quality time with them. Seeing Uncle Logan with his niece was such a blessing.

After dropping my brother, Ali and the girls off at the airport, we drove to my Aunt Julie’s house to meet up with my Aunt, Cousin, and Dad and his girlfriend. It was nice to get to spend some time with my dad’s side of the family. Not something we do much as everyone is really spread out.

If that was not enough excitement for July with all the family, Reuben and I went to our 10 year High School Reunion. We had such an amazing time. We wished we could have spent a whole other day catching up. It was so great catching up with old friends.

As far as the home life goes:
~Evelyn is growing fast. Now at 6 months she is 18lbs 9oz and 26 ¼” long. She can scoot along the floor and if you blink she is in the other room. Evelyn can sit up on her own from lying on her belly and get into a seated position. She also is now eating rice cereal and seems to be doing very well with it. Lastly, as of just today, she can now pull herself up to a standing position while in her crib. I cannot believe all the achievements she is making this month. She has such a beautiful, outgoing personality.
~Reuben has been very busy with his steady job and also his filming company, Lubency Media. He recently filmed a friend wedding and is working on editing the footage. On top that (in his free time), he has been going to rehearsals for a part in a community play putting on “Anne of Green Gables”. He is such a great husband, father, and friend.
~I have been loving my job. My boss is great. I get along with my coworkers very well and I only work 5 minutes from home. It is such a blessing that I can come home at lunch to be with Evelyn. I have joined a growth group at my church and we are going over the book “Crazy Love”. It has been very inspiring to me and has opened my eyes and my heart of my love of the Lord. I cannot wait to explore the book further and grow my faith and Love in the Lord.

Life is good, very busy, but very good!