Monday, September 22, 2008

Ba Helorette night

So I am a bit behind on posts due to the wedding came on so fast and then Cabo. I will have more up soon.

For my Bachelorette party, Traci hosted a great bash for me. I was dressed in red and everyone else was in black and white. I had a crown but the C fell out of it so we decided it was french (Ba Helorette). I wore it anyway and loved it.

First we had the pre party at her moms with drinks and snacks. Then it was off to Singlys to party it on. We had lots of drinks, played a great game of bingo, and also drew penises and voted. It was such a perfect day. After the drinking, dancing, presents, and games, we headed back to her mom’s house for movies and a sleep over. It was not long and we were all passed out.

I had such a wonderful time. Thank you, Traci, for making my party one to remember.