Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Part 3

For Easter dinner we went to the Sr. Betts house for a nice ham. Evelyn enjoyed another Easter egg hunt and we got to spend some quality time with Reuben’s aunt and cousins.

Evelyn looked so cute in her Easter dress, hat, and sunglasses bought by Grammy Bauer.

She was such a HAM in all her glam.

Easter Part 2 - Goodies

I made Gluten Free carrot cake cupcakes with peeps and jelly beans to make it look like the peeps are sitting in the grass on their eggs. They were YUMMY!

I also updated out wreath with a spring touch. HAPPY SPRING!

Easter Part 1

Easter morning we had an Easter egg hunt. Grandma and Grandpa Betts and Grammy Bauer came over and Evelyn got to do her first Easter egg hunt out in our yard. She didn’t need any help in learning what to do; she went right over to an egg and put it in her basket. It was so fun to watch her have her eye on one specific egg and completely pass up eggs along the way. It was great entertainment for everyone.


The sun is starting to come out more and Evie sure loves to be outdoors!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sleepy Girl

It is so fun to watch the ways and places Evelyn falls asleep. There is just something so angelic about a child sleeping.

Peterson Wedding

Reuben and I got a date night out to go watch his college roommate get married. It was a lovely wedding and great watching Reuben catch up with his buddy. We had a nice time!

Mommy’s New Sewing Machine

My mom bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday and I just LOVE it. I finally got to finish the runner I started for Evelyn (also works for Easter). Evelyn enjoyed sitting and watching the machine run with me. She sure is going to get into crafty shenanigans like her Mommy some day!

Fun Times at the Play Center

Evelyn just loves to get together with her friends from Mommy and Daddy’s baby class. This time it was at the play center. She always has so much fun with her friends! They are all growing up too fast.