Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Salem Bridal Shower

Jaque and Katie hosted my Bridal Shower this weekend in Salem. I had a blast. We played the game where you have to guess what famous person you are. We had some good conversations over it and it was a great icebreaker.

We then ate some good finger foods and everyone wrote a little note to Reuben and I for my scrap book. It was great reading those with him last night. Thank you!

After we had mingled and gotten our tummies full, we went out in the back yard to play another game. Everyone was broken into 5 teams of 3 and each given toilet paper to make a bridal gown on one teammate. They had 5 minutes to design the perfect wedding dress out of toilet paper and then I was to choose the winner. I laughed so hard watching everyone scramble to get the toilet paper to stay.
Angela’s group (Connie & Janet) made a great top piece with the over the shoulder look and also a nice twist in the chest area. Jaque’s group (Kelly & Linda) worked the blue flower and made a long dress (though her bottom half started to fall off at the end). Amber’s group (Heather & Miranda) did an one shoulder look and a bit asymmetrical.

Sarah’ team (Mom & Julie) did the tube-top dress look. This one was my top pic as I could imagine this actually being a wedding dress. Ashley’s team (Lauren & Cori) made her a crisscross Hawaiian dress. Hers was my second favorite. We gave out miniature roses to all the winners, a bit of life and beauty to take home with them.

Back inside we had a trivia game of “How well do you know Shirlyn & Reuben?” It was great, my mom won, but we said it was unfair as she has known me forever and we went to the next winner. It was great because it was Connie, my mom-to-be. She got the second most right. I enjoyed knowing she knows so much about me.

We finally opened gifts and I enjoyed all the great naughty clothes I get to wear for Reuben on our honeymoon. I have at least one outfit for every night we are in Cabo. Some how, every one of them fit me perfect.

Thank you everyone for such a great memorable day. I had such a great time!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Grandmother and Grandfather’s Wedding Album

Looked through my Grandmother and Grandfather’s wedding album. My Grandfather enjoyed the memories with me. My Grandmother was like a dream on her wedding day, almost like it was out of a movie. I do miss her dearly. I am so proud to be her namesake. I got teary-eyed after looking at it. I know she will be with me in spirit on my wedding day!

I love you and miss you Grandma!

Family Bachelorette Party!

Out on the town (Baker town) with my family for my Bachelorette party with them.

I was given a list of things I had to do by the end of the night. Each one had points related to it.

* Leave lipstick marks on 3 necks (I chose my family or friends) - 5 points.
* Make a Bridal veil from toilet paper – 5 points.
* Ask a man to take off his shirt and say “I love you” (he said this to his wife) – 10 points.
* Get a piggy back ride from a stranger (my aunt’s close friend) – 15 points.
* Bonus points added to the list – Do the “boob” show – 50 points.

Thank God I had my family there that knew people. We had such a great time as you can see. It seems the more I drink the bigger my smile gets :)

I absolutely love my family!

Baker Bridal Shower - Family fun

This weekend I went to Baker City to be with family and have a Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party with them. Because they are already making the trip for the wedding, they could not make my parties in town so I decided to go to them and celebrate. My "Sister," Holley, got to go with me. Man oh man did we have fun. Great gifts, then fun working on my centerpieces for the wedding, and then finally off to the bars to party it up.

Thank you Minnie for putting on a great party!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Countdown is On… 60 Days

Making a list, checking it twice,
It is all falling in place quite nice.

So I have begun the countdown of frantic looking over my list again and again.

Did I miss anything, is there something I should be doing this month rather than next month? So many things, and seems like so little time.

Reuben and I completed a registry at Target. Boy is it interesting trying to figure out what your make-believe home is going to be. I mean really, how many rooms will it have? Bathrooms? Will I like the design we picked in the long run? Will it really fit our other belongings? It is just a silly thought, creating a wish list that you can check and see if people have gotten things for you. It takes all the surprise out of it.

The back yard at the Betts home is weeded, planted, and being watered. We hope it will be ready and blooming for the wedding. Reuben and I have spent many a weekends working on that back area. Please little flowers, grow grow grow.

I am finishing up the invitations and getting them out in the mail this week. Wow, it feels so official. I am heading to Baker next weekend to be with family and do the girl thing in getting my table decorations done and the gifty things. I have my Bridal shower at the end of this month. Then next month I am meeting with my florist, officiate (my old Guard Instructor), getting the programs printed, getting the boys to get their outfits, and all the last minute items to getting things finished.

Double checking and triple checking my list again, I sure hope there is enough time… I am trying to check one item off my list every day.

Love to you all.