Monday, July 21, 2008

Family Bachelorette Party!

Out on the town (Baker town) with my family for my Bachelorette party with them.

I was given a list of things I had to do by the end of the night. Each one had points related to it.

* Leave lipstick marks on 3 necks (I chose my family or friends) - 5 points.
* Make a Bridal veil from toilet paper – 5 points.
* Ask a man to take off his shirt and say “I love you” (he said this to his wife) – 10 points.
* Get a piggy back ride from a stranger (my aunt’s close friend) – 15 points.
* Bonus points added to the list – Do the “boob” show – 50 points.

Thank God I had my family there that knew people. We had such a great time as you can see. It seems the more I drink the bigger my smile gets :)

I absolutely love my family!

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Paisinator said...

too much fun!!! that is all I can say ;)