Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nina’s way of getting a sip

I caught our cat, Nina, dipping her paw in Reuben’s cup on the table and getting a drink. I was glad I caught it on camera to prove she did it. Such a cutie!!!

Evelyn’s first time with a full mustache

This was My Uncle Jim with Evelyn. It was her first time experience the feeling of a full mustache. I think she thought it was funny. We enjoyed it too.

Evelyn's First Visit to Eastern Orgeon

We went to Eastern Oregon to visit family and introduce Evelyn to her Great Grandfather (Pop-Pop). Reuben had some last minute video jobs that came up and he decided it was best for him to stay behind. We missed him, but enjoyed the ride just us girls (me, my mom, and Evie).

It was so wonderful to see Evelyn with her Great Grandfather. It brings me back to when I was little playing in his lap. It was very bitter sweet to leave. I know I need to cherish every time I get to see him and every time Evelyn gets to spend time with him because we never know when it will be our last.

Another great moment was getting a 4 generation photo with Evelyn. Since my grandmother is no longer with us in person, we took a photo with my Grandfater, Evelyn’s Great-Grand Father. My mom has always called him Pop-Pop and I thought it was fitting for him for Evelyn too. Pop-Pop it is.

I love how outgoing my side of the family is. My Aunts and cousins loved being with Evie. Even though it was a short trip, we made some great memories. I look forward to spending more time with them!

Family is such a blessing. What would we ever do without them?

(PS more photos coming soon, my camera’s batteries died and I had to start using my aunts camera. She is sending me those photos soon)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beginning of Spring

Some great photo of Evelyn this April.

She has learned to suck on her fingers and also on her bottom lip. Jaque and Katie came over for a Girls Night and it was great to just be in our jammies and be girls!

One Finger... Two

Sunflower girl

Aunt Jaque came over - Aunt Katie did too but no photos :(

I love my mommy and mommy loves me.

My new favorite thing, sucking on my bottom lip.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday (Weekend)

We had an eventful Easter weekend. We went into Beaverton to visit Kris and film some color guard shows. Evelyn enjoyed watching all the pretty flags spinning around. Then we had lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory for Katie’s birthday (somehow no photos taken of this :( ). We also got to get Evelyn’s fist photo with the Easter Bunny. She did very well for her first time.

Easter Morning we were visited by the Easter bunny. Notice the peanuts? The Easter Bunny always leaves my family peanuts. It wouldn’t be Easter without Peanuts, Eggs, Chocolate, and Peeps. We went to church for a great service where Reuben joined in on the worship for a few songs. It was wonderful to see him up there praising the Lord in song. It gave me goose bumps. After church we had some family time just the three of us ad Reuben and Evie enjoyed their favorite past time together again (napping). Then it was off to the Sr. Betts house with my Mom for a delicious Easter Ham. The food was marvelous, the company perfect, and the day just right.

I just loved the dress Grandma Bauer got Evie for Easter, all pink, green, and fluffy. Evelyn liked it too. She kept putting it in her mouth and feeling it between her fingers. The Easter Bunny also left Evie her first Easter Bunny that she took with her to church. It is so soft and she loves to hold the ears in her hand.

The Lord is good. He is doing wonders for my family and my friends. Thank you Lord for being you and watching over us, you have blessed our family greatly!

Hanging out with Kris

1st visit to the Easter Bunny

Showing off her tummy

Not so sure of him in this one.

Easter Baskets from the Easter Bunny

Napping at church with her Easter Bunny

She loves her Daddy

Say what Willis?

Hi Mommy

Charlie even wanted in on the fun

Grandma with her girl


Happy girl with her Daddy

Showing everyone she can stand with the help of Grandpa

As the evening comes to a close

One last smile for the camera before bed

He has risen!

Evelyn's FIRST Laugh

Evelyn has been on the verge of laughing for a few weeks now. Reuben just so happened to have her on his lap and she started to act like she was going to laugh. I grabbed the camera and we captured this great FIRST on video. It is something we will cherish forever. It is such a blessing that we both were there to enjoy it. It is so wonderful to watch her grow and learn new things. Evelyn makes my faith in the Lord stronger every day. She is such a miracle!!!

Ermoshkin Visit

Reuben’s sister Sarah came to visit with her family. It was the first time she got to see her Niece. It was so much fun playing with the kids Anna and Nathan and catching up with the family. We sure do miss them when they leave. Soon they will be moving to Washington DC and it will be a longer time in between visits. We will have to plan on going to see them sometime once they are moved in.

We just love our niece and nephew.

March Madness

Well I started my job March 1 and I enjoy it. It seems to be a great fit for me. I work well with my boss and I am able to come home at lunch and be with my little girl. I like the more relaxed pace of my job rather than feeling like I have no time to even think like I was at my last job. I do miss being a stay at home mom, something I always wanted to be, but I do enjoy the adult conversations I am having. It also makes me appreciate all the moments I have with my daughter.

We got my mom moved over to her new house here in Hood River. I have not seen my mom so happy in a long time. It is like she is glowing from joy. It will take some time to get her all unpacked, but her house is just perfect for her.

Evelyn is growing so fast right before our eyes. It is a blessing at watching her grow into her personality. She loves to stand now. One day she just found her legs underneath her and now it is hard to get her to sit down. She is also giving us so many expressions. I just love my Little Sunshine. I could not imagine my life without her. Evelyn is such a blessing in our lives and she is such a wonderful baby.

Here are some of the March photos of her for your enjoyment!

With her Church friends Eden and Noah

Kisses from mommy are always great

Little Pooh Bear

Full of joy

Bath time


All ready for church

One of her favorite past times with Daddy

She smiles all the time now

Even Willy likes to take naps with her