Monday, April 5, 2010

March Madness

Well I started my job March 1 and I enjoy it. It seems to be a great fit for me. I work well with my boss and I am able to come home at lunch and be with my little girl. I like the more relaxed pace of my job rather than feeling like I have no time to even think like I was at my last job. I do miss being a stay at home mom, something I always wanted to be, but I do enjoy the adult conversations I am having. It also makes me appreciate all the moments I have with my daughter.

We got my mom moved over to her new house here in Hood River. I have not seen my mom so happy in a long time. It is like she is glowing from joy. It will take some time to get her all unpacked, but her house is just perfect for her.

Evelyn is growing so fast right before our eyes. It is a blessing at watching her grow into her personality. She loves to stand now. One day she just found her legs underneath her and now it is hard to get her to sit down. She is also giving us so many expressions. I just love my Little Sunshine. I could not imagine my life without her. Evelyn is such a blessing in our lives and she is such a wonderful baby.

Here are some of the March photos of her for your enjoyment!

With her Church friends Eden and Noah

Kisses from mommy are always great

Little Pooh Bear

Full of joy

Bath time


All ready for church

One of her favorite past times with Daddy

She smiles all the time now

Even Willy likes to take naps with her

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