Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Carving & Painting

Evelyn LOVED grabbing the goop from inside the pumpkins. Seemed she had more fun helping us with ours than painting hers. It is so fun watching her experience new things and seeing how she responds to them! We enjoyed Holley carving with us.

And my pumpkin is saying something SPECIAL! :)

Evelyn's pumpkin

Holley's Pumpkin

Reuben's "so happy we are expecting" pumpkin

2010 vs 2011 Pumpkin Patch

2010 Pumpkin Patch VS 2011 Pumpkin Patch. Wow she has grown up so much!

Annual Rasmussen Pumpkin Patch

We go the Rasmussen Pumpkin Patch every year. It is so wonderful to romp in the pumpkin patch and search for our perfect pumpkins. How great it was to see Evelyn searching for hers too. Special memories for us.