Friday, September 24, 2010

We Are Moving!!!!!

So we are upgrading and moving today!

Last year about this time we downsized from our first home into a small 2 bedroom one bath cottage that was 900 square feet. It was Reuben’s parents’ rental property that we helped them remodel all summer. It is a very cute home, and perfect for one person or a newlywed couple just starting out. It was great for us trying to get back on our feet once I lost my job and to be close to his parents while we had Evelyn.

Now that Evelyn is on the go all the time, crawling and almost about to walk, it was due time that we found a bigger place to accommodate a family of three. The small living quarters of the 2 bedroom cottage was just not enough room for our active family.

We found a place just down the street from where we were living and even closer to our works. Out of 35+ applicants who called and left messages to view the home, we were the ones that were picked. Today we move in. The home is a remodeled farm home on 6 acres, plenty of room for Evelyn to romp outside as she grows. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms (one a bathtub!) and a large living space. There is also a separate nook for Reuben’s office and another living space to make a craft room for me. Total square footage of the house, 1500! We are doubling our space, did I say double, I ment double PLUS!

I am so excited to get moved in: the feeling of having room to walk around, Evelyn to play, and to be able to invite guests over to our house without it being uncomfortable will be such a blessing.

So excited for this move and for our family! Yay for fall, the changing seasons and this move!

Evelyn's First Camping Trip

We went on our first camping trip with Evelyn. Holley joined us.

We went to our new found Secret location on Mt. Adams in Washington. It was such a blast. Reuben is an Eagle Scout and knows everything to bring to make the trip perfect. We were only missing a spatula for breakfast in the morning but managed to borrow one from a neighbor camper.

When we arrived Reuben began setting up the tent and the girls got lunch ready. Holley was watching Evelyn and she decided to just stand on her own for the first time. Yes you heard that right, EVELYN CAN STAND on her own not holding on. It was long enough for all of us to be in shock. Then we got her to do it again for the camera.

After lunch and camp set up, Holley and I decided to build a dock out on the water. We found large rocks to make a path and also some huge, pre-cut logs to use as the dock. All the lifting and effort was so well worth it. Then to cool off us girls went for a dip in the lake. It was so nice to sit there just Holley and I for some alone time.

Evelyn Standing + building a dock + floating on little kid donut inner tubes + lake swimming + Stick teeter-totter + Campfire dinner + sleeping in the cold + car battery not starting + Reuben hitch-hiking to get a battery = MEMORIES TO LAST A LIFETIME!

Kenitzer visit

It is always a blessing to spend time with our best friends the Kenitzers. Paisley and Kaiser are Reuben and my godchildren. Traci and Jason Kenitzer are Evelyn's God Parents. There is a very strong bond between all of us and we so love them dearly. When we get time to spend with them we make every moment count. We miss them dearly already!

There were so many special moments to share (all with starting with the letter "S")

Silly poses

Splashes in the pool

Swimming girl

Standing in the pool

Sushi TIME

Special friends
Snuggles with Godmother

Smiles and laughter

Saying Goodbye

Evelyn's First Trip to the Zoo

We went to the Zoo with the Kenitzers. It was so great to spend some time with them and watch our God Daughter Paisley enjoy all the animals. It was a perfect day out and perfect company.

Evelyn's Beautiful Eyes

Evelyn has such amazing eyes. So big and beautiful. Blue with LONG eyelashes!