Friday, September 24, 2010

Evelyn's First Camping Trip

We went on our first camping trip with Evelyn. Holley joined us.

We went to our new found Secret location on Mt. Adams in Washington. It was such a blast. Reuben is an Eagle Scout and knows everything to bring to make the trip perfect. We were only missing a spatula for breakfast in the morning but managed to borrow one from a neighbor camper.

When we arrived Reuben began setting up the tent and the girls got lunch ready. Holley was watching Evelyn and she decided to just stand on her own for the first time. Yes you heard that right, EVELYN CAN STAND on her own not holding on. It was long enough for all of us to be in shock. Then we got her to do it again for the camera.

After lunch and camp set up, Holley and I decided to build a dock out on the water. We found large rocks to make a path and also some huge, pre-cut logs to use as the dock. All the lifting and effort was so well worth it. Then to cool off us girls went for a dip in the lake. It was so nice to sit there just Holley and I for some alone time.

Evelyn Standing + building a dock + floating on little kid donut inner tubes + lake swimming + Stick teeter-totter + Campfire dinner + sleeping in the cold + car battery not starting + Reuben hitch-hiking to get a battery = MEMORIES TO LAST A LIFETIME!

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