Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun May Photos & Videos

Evelyn is now 16lbs 12 oz and 25 inches long. She is such a wonderful girl! I cannot get enough of her! She is my pride!

Hanging with Daddy and caught having fun :)

Daddy editing some of his videos of a concert.

Who me?

This one is such a Daddy expression

At Miranda's Bridal Shower

Trying to get Evelyn to roll over on camera. She did it off camera but wouldn't do it for the camera. Go figure.
This was Reuben getting Evelyn to laugh during Daddy time. So great to see them bonding!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Evelyn at FOUR months

I can't believe how fast Evelyn has grown. I absolutely LOVE this little girl! She has begun to roll over and has found her feet. She amazes me.

Heather & Family Visit

Heather and her family came to visit us today. It was great catching up with them. My, oh my have Chynna and Darien grown up. I miss them!

My FIRST Mother's Day

For my first Mother’s Day we celebrated at the Betts Alpaca Ranch and had gluten free pizza. It was nice to spend time with my mom and the Betts. What a joy it is to be a mother. I now appreciate this day differently. Not only can I celebrate my mother I now appreciate being a mother. THANK YOU my little Sunshine for making me a Mother. I pray that I am the best mother I can be for you and that our bond grows stronger everyday. I love you with all my heart! The Lord blessed me the day you were born.

My mom wrote a quick poem and I think it fitting: "The world is a beautiful place because the Lord made Evelyn Grace."

For a belayed Mother’s day gift, Reuben and I went to Curque Du Soleil in Portland and had front row seats. My mom watched Evie and Reuben and I got to go out for a REAL date night. It was so wonderful. The clowns picked on Reuben twice commenting on how pretty his long hair was. It was great. I loved being able to spend some quality time with my man. It was well needed.