Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Countdown is On… 60 Days

Making a list, checking it twice,
It is all falling in place quite nice.

So I have begun the countdown of frantic looking over my list again and again.

Did I miss anything, is there something I should be doing this month rather than next month? So many things, and seems like so little time.

Reuben and I completed a registry at Target. Boy is it interesting trying to figure out what your make-believe home is going to be. I mean really, how many rooms will it have? Bathrooms? Will I like the design we picked in the long run? Will it really fit our other belongings? It is just a silly thought, creating a wish list that you can check and see if people have gotten things for you. It takes all the surprise out of it.

The back yard at the Betts home is weeded, planted, and being watered. We hope it will be ready and blooming for the wedding. Reuben and I have spent many a weekends working on that back area. Please little flowers, grow grow grow.

I am finishing up the invitations and getting them out in the mail this week. Wow, it feels so official. I am heading to Baker next weekend to be with family and do the girl thing in getting my table decorations done and the gifty things. I have my Bridal shower at the end of this month. Then next month I am meeting with my florist, officiate (my old Guard Instructor), getting the programs printed, getting the boys to get their outfits, and all the last minute items to getting things finished.

Double checking and triple checking my list again, I sure hope there is enough time… I am trying to check one item off my list every day.

Love to you all.

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Paisinator said...

I love catching up on what is happening! I wish I was there in person :) I will be there soon and ready to help with anything I can!!! In the mean time we send our love, prayers and xoxoxox's for the two of you!
Love The Kenitzer's