Monday, July 21, 2008

Grandmother and Grandfather’s Wedding Album

Looked through my Grandmother and Grandfather’s wedding album. My Grandfather enjoyed the memories with me. My Grandmother was like a dream on her wedding day, almost like it was out of a movie. I do miss her dearly. I am so proud to be her namesake. I got teary-eyed after looking at it. I know she will be with me in spirit on my wedding day!

I love you and miss you Grandma!


Paisinator said...

Shirl that is just beautiful. I am so happy for you that you have such wonderful family members to encourage you and inspire you in your journey through life. I am honored to be your friend!

minnie said...

I was so honored to be her granddaughter and I know we were blessed to be born into such a loving family. I was so pleased to see that you honored our grandma in such a way. Just know she will be up in heaven crying tears of joy when you walk down that runway to your man. love ya

"love and miss you grandma"