Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain rain go away, come again after the wedding day... only 11 days!

So we are now on the countdown to the wedding. 11 days Left. Wow, still so many last minute items it is crazy. Did I do that, oh yes we need one of those, oops forgot to pick up that… etc.

Reuben enjoyed his bachelor party last weekend and I will be having mine this weekend. Adam, Reuben’s best man, planned an outing paint-balling, bars, and a hotel for Reuben and the guys. He had a great time though he is still feeling the bruises. I just wished more people could have joined them on the festivities as he was hopping. Thank you Adam for all your work on the party and thank you to all the groomsmen for making it a great event for him.

I can’t wait for my party. Traci, my bridesmaid and mother to my Goddaughter, has planned an enjoyable night. We will be starting at her mother’s house for the pre party, then off to Singley’s and have a great night in the reserved loft. Then after the drinking festivities, we head back to her mom’s house for sappy wedding movies and a sleepover under the stars. I am so happy she took over the planning. She said she enjoyed planning it. I just can’t wait.

Tonight I am working with my Stitch and Bitch girls to assembling the programs. Let’s all pray everything is spelled correctly and works out how Reuben planned and designed. Tomorrow I am working on last minute items with my mom, seeing Traci and Paisley, and trying to get some much needed rest. This week is a frantic one as I am trying to plan for 2 weeks off from work (and it is not going to be easy). I think work is going to go nuts with out me J

I look forward to seeing you all in 11 days when I become Mrs. Betts. Let’s all pray for sunshine… the weather has been teasing us lately.


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