Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby Bump Session FIVE

Monthly "Baby Bump" Session 5 - October 9, 2009
Photos taken by Sylvia Flores

This month we decided to take more photos of my ever growing belly. It was a wonderful experience working with Sylvia and Reuben to get some wonderful shots.

Evelyn is growing so fast. We are now into our 30th week. I love to play “hide and seek” with Evelyn. She will push her foot out and I will find it and push her back. Then she moves her foot and I find it again. It is so wonderful to know this little girl is growing inside of me. It is such a miracle!

I love how my relationship with Reuben is growing every day just as our little Evelyn is growing. What a blessing it is to have them both in my life!

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