Sunday, January 11, 2009

White Christmas of 2008

It was a white Christmas that was for sure and a beautiful day. Not the full Christmas we planned due to the snow, but it was wonderful. We were over at the Betts ranch. One of my favorite places. My Mom and Grandma Betts could not make it as planned due to the snow. They were missed. Also, the gifts did not arrive for a week to two weeks later, but it didn’t matter, it was wonderful.

We had a good relaxing Christmas. Reuben and I decided we were going to dress up for the Holidays. We were silly. We loved playing in the snow and just having a wonderful time. Reuben took ice sickles off and played around with them. What a silly boy.

We also took a trip to the Lloyd center for shopping and ice skating that weekend. Reuben and his dad had sun on the ice. I can see he misses skating.

I love being Mrs. Betts.

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TraciLeann said...

I just seriously LOVE you, I just wanted you to know ;) We love you and miss you and can not wait to see you guys and spend some good quality time together :)