Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter in California

I had a wonderful time in California. It was a much needed vacation. With all the many things going on right now in my and Reuben’s life, I needed some time off.

Easter was wonderful; we went to a great service at church and then had some time on the beach. I had lots of great time to fellowship with Traci talking about some great topics. Much needed for us both.

We also celebrated Paisley’s 2nd birthday. I had such a wonderful time watching her grow up. She is becoming such a beautiful, smart girl.

I can’t wait to go back again. Thank you Kenitzers for allowing me to get away and take a breather. I love you all and miss you tons.


Traci Kenitzer said...

It was OUR pleasure having you as our guest. The time flew by and we wished Reuben was here too, BUT in July we will have that much more fun. We love you dearly and have continued to keep you guys and your families in our prayers. Continue to keep us posted. We send our love and prayers. MUAH my dear

Dan & Danielle said...

Way cute and a well needed trip for you two. We love you and miss you bunches over here. Hope things are okay or at least going to be getting better for you. Love ALL the Friess Family