Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Change is in the Air!

Over the last few months there have been many changes for Reuben and me. “Many” may be an understatement.

First, in April, I got laid off from my job. It was very stressful for Reuben and me, but with God’s guidance, we have managed to pull through it. We reworked our budget and are able to survive off of his income and my unemployment. I have been looking for jobs, but I have not had any luck (even with many interviews).

In the beginning of May, we had the biggest change occur for us. We found out we are expecting. Reuben and I are so ecstatic to be parents. We were able to tell our parents on Mothers’ Day. It was wonderful. I had purchased two sets of booties (one pink, one blue) and put one of each color in a little box for them to open. My Mom came to visit and we had Mothers’ Day with both his parents and my mom. They both got to hear the great news at the same time. Reuben’s parents are already grandparents but they cannot wait until the new one arrives. For my Mom it is her first grandchild. It is so fun watching her joy.

June had changes all of its own. We decided that in order to stay financially stable with only one steady income, and to prepare for our new arrival, we put in our 30 days at the house we were in and moved. It was a difficult decision for us because we LOVED the home we were in, but the sacrifice will pay off in the long run. The plan is we are remodeling one of the rental homes on Reuben’s parent’s lower property and then move into there. In the intermission between the times we were out of our home (end of June) and the time the new home is ready for us (probably mid August), we are staying at his parents’ house on the farm. All our stuff is in storage, so that part sucks, but it has actually been pretty nice being around the family. Each week the new house gets better and better. NO we do not have any before pictures because we do not want to share the “before” with anyone. It is just better kept that way.

Now into July, we are still at his parents’ house (a few weeks now). As of today I am 15 weeks pregnant and defiantly starting to show. I only have one pair of jeans that fit me. Oh the joys of spandex and gaucho pants! The new house is about 1/3 finished (living room and office completely done with new paint and carpeting). We are currently working on the Master bedroom, Kitchen, and Bathroom. Once we are all finished (hoping for the end of July begging of Aug), the entire house will have new interior paint, new carpet and vinyl, entire new kitchen, and look like a cute cottage. It will be perfect for welcoming our new arrival at the end of the year (beginning of the New Year). It is also wonderful to be living so close to his parents for any support we may need with being new parents. Now if I can only get my mom to move closer.

We are looking forward to the many new changes to come the rest of the year and into the future. Welcoming our now little one will be such a joy. Reuben and I cannot explain our excitement to be becoming parents.

Blessings to you all!

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Lizz said...

I am so excited for you two! Change is a wonderful thing! Whether planned or always forces you to look at life in a different light! And of course the two of you have done just that! I'm so happy that everything is working out for the best! God is amazing and has wonderful things planned for you and your growing family!
I love you guys!