Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby Bump Session 7

Monthly "Baby Bump" Session 7 - December 11, 2009
Photos taken by Sylvia Flores

We are getting so close to Evelyn making her appearance. I am so excited to hold her in my arms. What a miracle of life it is to have watched my tummy grow knowing it is her growing inside.

We finished the nursery and are ready for her. We have a theme of baby animals and mainly pink and green for colors. I also wanted yellow and as you can see, I snuck it in there too.

Here are some pictures of the nursery. (Willy wanted in the photos too). Only 17 more days till she is due!!! YAYAYAYYAYA!


Traci Kenitzer said...

oh my word, how cute and how exciting!!! I wish we were neighbors... BOOO Evelyn will LOVE her room! You guys did an amazing job. Just a peek at what kind of parents you will be...

Aimee said...

It is a beautiful nursery!! I know the anticipation at this moment is SO great.

Here are a few things I recommend doing before she makes her appearance.

1) Walk out of the house. Just do it. Walk out, get in the car and drive away. You will never understand how much you appreciate this until you are attempting to get a baby out with you!

2)Go grocery shopping, at a leisurely pace, even walk up and down every aisle.

3)Go to the mall without worrying about a diaper blowout. To this day my son never fails to drop a bomb as soon as we get to the mall.

4)Not sure if you are nursing or not, but enjoy your last few days of not waking up soaked and engorged. (This only lasts a few weeks, but still no one told me that I would be SOAKED from the waist up!)

5)Take a moment to appreciate your upper thigh muscles, they will be sore after labor!

Good luck!!