Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Sister's Visit and Mark and Melissa's Visit

We have been very happy to have visitors coming to see us and Evelyn. It is nice that we can be in the comfort of our own home, yet still get to see people. It has been very busy with people stopping on by, but we enjoy every moment of it.

My Sister, Holley, came to visit us last week. (Not blood sister, but I call her my sister because we have been best friends since we were born). It was fun to see her with Evelyn. She is a natural with newborns. Holley waited so patiently to come see us until after my mom had gone on home so she could be here to help out as needed. She stayed with us for 5 days and helped me out around the house a lot. It was great to have another week of help and to get organized. I miss her already and so does Evelyn!

This weekend we had Mark and Melissa stop on by for a visit and to meet Evelyn. Mark has been Reuben’s best friend since they were kids. We hung out at the house, visited Reuben’s parents on the farm, and went out for Sushi. It was a blast to have them over and watch them with Evelyn. Mark seemed a bit unsure at first on how to hold her, but then he got the hang of it. Melissa just seemed to be a natural.

We have more visitors coming this weekend. We look forward to it.

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