Thursday, January 7, 2010


So here we are 5 days past the due date for little Evelyn to arrive and we are still waiting for her. I have been told on the first pregnancy that most people go late. So we wait some more. It has been tough trying to just “relax” and let things happen. We have tried every home remedy in the book to try to get things moving along. It seems now, I just need to let things be and she will come. Patience is my word. It seems as though it has always been my word. The Lord continues to remind me to have patience and that he has a plan. Evelyn will arrive in due time, that is inevitable.

The Lord has shown me many times in the past two weeks how wonderful he works in peoples’ lives. Both my girlfriends who were pregnant and due AFTER me with boys and they had their children before me (early). Both of them had their first children (both girls) early. We keep joking around that Evelyn likes her "boyfriends" to be older than her so she was waiting on them to be born. Smart girl!

Traci and Jason had their little boy at 28 weeks along. Kaiser Ray Kenitzer was born on December 29th at just after 3PM and weighed 3lbs 2oz. It was a very difficult pregnancy for Traci, and also his birth was a scary one, but they all are doing well. He is nothing short of a miracle and growing stronger every day. I continue to look at his photos with encouragement that the Lord is working miracles every day. The Lord has big plans for this little guy!!! Not only has Kaiser’s arrival made his parents stronger, but it seems to be making everyone around them grow stringer in their faith too. I know that the Lord is working, in all our lives. Kaiser is just one example of how miraculous the Lord is. He is such a blessing to us all.

Sarah and Bob had their son, Justin Michael Fox, on January 6th at 5:38pm. He weighed 7lbs 3oz. and 19.5 inches long. The doctors had guessed he would weigh about 4.7lbs due to him being early but Justin almost doubled that. Justin is a miracle on his own that he was so large and healthy for being early. The Lord had a plan, and Justin arrived healthy. What a blessing he is.

The Lord has a plan for us all. I need to remember to have patience and rely on His strength and His plan. Evelyn Grace will arrive when she is ready and when the Lord wants her to grace us with her presence. So we continue to wait. We have an appointment tomorrow morning to see our progress. Even though we are anxious to meet her, we are patient for her arrival.

“Have patience, have patience. Don’t be in such a hurry.” That was what Reuben’s mom always sang to him when he was younger. It is fitting for me now.


Lizz said...

Patience is good to have right now...because, she will grow up so fast once she is here. Then you will be wanting everything to just slow down. So, while I know the two of you just can't wait to meet her take advantage of the last moments of being pregnant with her. Enjoy the last times you will feel her move inside. The last few moments of being pregnant for the first time. The last few moments of it just being Reuben and Shirlyn...she will be here soon!
I'm so excited for the two of you- enjoy each others company in these last moments...of being a family of 2. And once she is here- you will be welcoming her with open arms...and lets face it a great story to tell her when she's older!
Love you guys!

Traci Kenitzer said...

You made me cry again you brat! We send our love and thanks for the support. Listening to you talk about your faith on your blog is amazing. It is so nice and refreshing! Thank you walking along side of us and believing in our miracle we call Kaiser, he is a blessing to us, and we hope can be one to your family too! We can not wait to hold Evelyn and hug you guys. We couldn't be more thankful to call you friends and godparents. God bless! Love you tons.